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A stunning and very private property was sold (off market) recently and it would be remiss of us to not include such a breathtaking vision in Australian Modernism of such immaculate condition and history.

The much admired industrialist and philanthropist Marsden ‘‘Mick’’ Williams (gotta love a bloke who prefers the informal Australian moniker over Hollywood blueblood reality) who according to this news report did much for his local city, died at the ripe old age of 97 last year and this is his residence – a classic example home of the twentieth century success story.

Like all the best protagonists Williams was intensely private and beholden to certain lifelong passions – in his case, Japan. If anyone needs to be reminded of the intrinsic influence Japanese living spaces and design had on MCM architecture and gardens – step right in here and take a look. Bert Cooper, eat your heart out.

This awe inspiring home is also a supremely encouraging indicator of the calibre of Modernist Australian homes which remain hidden away in our various cities. Refer to the linked news article for more photos and soak it up.