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As if from the pages of Black Beauty – we first see a gorgeous, spirited thoroughbred being sold as the pedigree it is only a couple of years later to see it pop up on the market again, having been mistreated, maligned and now hustled to the knackery. Heartbreaking. But we do at least have the chance to save this from a fate which befalls so many of the best MCM homes, well, anyone with the right amount of cash could do it.

It is after all it is McGlashan & Everist’s Abraham’s House* (actually no! see update below!). It does maintain a gloriously simple and impeccably elegant line, so far removed for the bloated and vulgar mansions which have assailed this coastal stretch like a contemporary plague. It does have the ability, like all great MCM homes, to adjust to the needs of now, if done right, with out too much effort.

The nightwatch over at Beaumaris Modern have been eyeing this like a hawk, but really it does come down to that one vital owner. The rare combination of restraint, wealth, appreciation for architectural significance and vision to shepherd this sensational building safely into it’s next era which will certainly see it valued far more than it currently is. Right now it’s future is not looking so good – please spread this one around people – someone always knows someone who knows someone.

*Update: a lovely afternoon’s discussion with one other than Neil Everist himself has revealed that this is not in fact a McGlashan & Everist home at all! Upon looking at the home he immediately knew it was not one of his works, but was unable to pinpoint the actual architect responsible- the plot thickens!

**Update 2** The provenance has been settled, according to the good folk at Beaumaris Modern this home is the work of Arthur Russell from Demaine Russell Trundle Armstrong & Orton and built in 1961.