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Today’s listing not only brings us an immaculate 50s Mod home of big presence and historical elegance, but also leads us to another favorited MA topic – the regional Modernist. In this instance its the ‘discovery’ of William ‘Tag’ Walter. An accomplished and prolific architect his, in partnership, was the only firm operating in the Greater Western district of Victoria from 1951 to the early 1970s.

As for this 1958 beauty, it sits still as solid as the day it was built with classic cream brickwork, early (almost 20s or 30s) European touches of textured glass, rectangular banks of smaller paned windows and a sharp economy of adornment more likely seen on industrial buildings in it’s day. Plain yet commanding this home displays a dynamic and progressive Modernist outlook in country town, Post-War Australia and will be an enduring joy for one lucky buyer.