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DIY activism has seen a resurgence with the advent of a baying social media audience and it’s no more visible locally than in the hostile plains of real estate and land development. Recently MA spotted this instance, where a passionate citizen of Melbourne bayside Mod hotspot, Beaumaris, has taken action of the most direct variety to voice their concerns and warn those who may not share their same appreciation.

We have seen this method used in the inner city where the battle for the first amenity rights of music venues to continue their business over the demands of new neighbours to quieten down saw handwritten signs on sparkling new apartment sales boards, warning prospective buyers of the rockin’ nightlife they will be moving into. And here we see it take a rather interesting architectural turn.

The house in question is a prime example of formative Australian Modernism (it’s a McGlashan Everist beauty – see our listing), stuck in a suburb which, for all it’s brilliant Mid-Century history, eats ‘older’ style homes for breakfast. And sadly for us at this juncture MCM architecture is still maligned by the larger public while earlier styles are steadily climbing the preservation hierarchy. That old 70/100 year rule strikes again.

We are unsure whether this notice is still there, and not really certain of it’s overall effectiveness, developers be developers after all, however it’s somewhat gratifying to see a shared frustration manifest itself in such a way. In the various the devilish ways we have dreamed of acting upon such frustrations, this real-world example is overall pretty tame and fuzzy.