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Rise and shine with this absolute classic – one of the best  apartments we’ve seen in a while, in close to original condition and first time up for sale. Any apartment of this nature is worth a place on MA but this one also happens to be situated in a Queensland Modernist landmark: ‘Torbeck’ – the first multi storied, mixed-use apartment block in the state. The work of Job and Froud Architects and completed in 1960 it has received many accolades in its 50 years (unlike so may other MCM public buildings in Queensland and the nation, which generally get bowled over at first chance). As a ground-breaking pre-fab construction (the floors were build and then craned into place) which took climate passive design to an entire new level (pun! sorry!) it was added to the State Heritage List in 1999, has it’s own wiki page (among others) and was received the ‘Enduring Award’ at the 2014 Queensland Architecture Awards, where they declare:

‘The jury noted that the project’s innovative construction techniques, effective passive climate control, acoustic privacy and robust construction materials have “offered an enduring model for current apartment design”.’

So, that said, who wants a swingin’ pad within a permanent slice of seminal Brisbane Modernism? Form an orderly line please.