A piece of Queensland architectural history today, the home of notable and lauded architect John Dalton (c.1960) is up for sale for the first time. As cited with The Australian Institutes of Architects;

“The Dalton House is an early and influential example of Queensland modern architecture demonstrating principles of design for climate……..The house demonstrates Dalton’s firm belief in the principles of climate design as the basis of good architecture and his willingness to embrace new materials in efficient and rational design…….The house also coincides with Dalton’s engagement in wider debate on the role of architect as artist. An interest in the play of sunlight and shadow on form, which was explored through art as well as architecture, together with a concern for climatic design accompanied the development of Dalton’s work from the flat roof and horizontal lines of the Dalton House to the use of skillion roofs, painted brick walls and dark stained timbers…..”

We have featured another of Dalton’s works earlier this year but there is no doubt as to the significance of this property in particular, being widely noted in an industry context but furthermore as the architect’s own which always ensures the purist vision of any creative mind. That said, the land size has of course has meant the sales pitch encourages demolition. Let’s not go there. Lets instead take a higher road and look upon yet another of Dalton’s homes lovingly inhabited and a veritable showpiece over at Walk Among the Homes. This is true appreciation/restoration/renovation and this is what this home also deserves.