A pure example of ‘Marvellous Migrant MCM Melbourne’. One of the best and most intact we’ve seen in while. Held steadfast by its owner, who has contacted us, and is intent of transferring her home to only the most devoted Modernist to ensure its passage into the future. This splendid residence, inside and out, is the work of Anatol Kagan, who holds a place in our hearts (here is an earlier listed house) and the wider Mod community, not only as a brilliant architect but also all round good guy. We encourage all of you to track down Simon Reeve’s bookGentle Modernist, The Nine Lives of Anatol Kaganto fully understand his incredible life story and catalogue of work. But now to this house: a 1959 landmark of progressive design and sublime detail situated in the heart of southern metro Melbourne as its own wiki page attests:

“The house is primarily composed of protruding bays and timber mullioned window walls, shaded by deep eaves, stone and brick construction with concrete elements. The upper level constitutes most of the glass with glazing at the rear and lower level, it is one of the most significant design elements of the house as it floods most of the upper level with natural light. The house does not demonstrate a Pitched roof, in place it uses a raked flat roof with an overhang on the front facade for shading onto the entrance. Two storeys in height, the upper level is primarily living quarters and dining where the lower level is non living space and the lounge with access to the back yard.”

Now (we’ll re-proclaim like a broken record) as a community we simply cannot ‘protect’ every home of Twentieth Century architectural brilliance with some form of ‘heritage overlay’. We clearly acknowledge that ‘governmental protection’ is bound by both tooth metaphors – rare as hens and generally effective as a tiger without. And when a residence such as this is sold, demolished (with or without council approval) and the land carved up for insipid new construction, no amount of moaning, petitions, photos or social media growls is going to bring it back. We plead to you all that now is the time to act, this is when such architecture is most vulnerable. Now is the time to spread the word and find that lucky soul with the money and vision to ensure that demolition does not happen. Now is the time to galvanise, share it and save it. So get rolling.

**Update** A post on social media from the owner suggests we are going to lose this one. We implore the owner, or anyone who can avoid the imminent demolition of this gorgeous home to act ASAP!