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Nothing more Marvellous Melbourne Modernist than a pad in Domain Park (Robin Boyd c.1962). Over more than a decade we have tracked the sale of these apartments, with corresponding increasing prices, which we cannot only put down to an insane housing market, but (also we’d like to think) the growing appeal of this much deserved cultural and architectural landmark. If consider yourself the swinging type a la D. Draper, a former lord mayor, or perhaps unassuming heirs to an historical family fortune then this is the only place. Though no longer a current listing (sold in winter) it would be remiss of us to not post it up, that we may drool over this particularly smashing offering. A penthouse baby, ain’t none higher. And its essentially original interior (well maybe not the walnut cabinets but mannnnnn, that kitchen!) may not be left intact after settlement – lets always have it here.