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Twins. Gorgeous George and Queen Bey are getting on board. Double the joy and if you’re lucky, a little bet each way. And here we find a welcome residential version. A Modern take on the semi-detached row housing which saw us faithfully through to the end of the nineteenth century. Abodes of simple yet stunning design, elemental materials and green space they are, unlike so many slapped up villas/flats/townhouses these days, not only a sensible option but a desirable one. Right here is a template for medium density living, a real future for inner suburban living amid our hot mess of political point scoring, toothless building regulators, investor psychosis and expanding bubbles.
So take your pick – an earthy fiesta complete with stunning copper fireplace or minimalist white space with bold, Kubrick-esq highlights (do we sense a resurgence in wet area coloured lino and cork? We hope so!) Both beautifully preserved and enhanced in their own way. State your preference in the social media comments!