We know a few of you out there have held fast to this little street, in an unassuming regional ‘burb, as their secret real estate crush. Sorry guys, this Catland cat is out of the bag now with a new, swoon inducing listing. In perfect condish with only a minor change here or there required (though perhaps you enjoy some kitchen carpet?), on a large block with north westerly backyard this gorgeous, neat-o, grey-bricked, carported wonder is the stuff of ‘Leave It to Beaver’ family dreams. To those surviving in the capital 60 mins north, battling traffic, rent increases and the choice of whether to hold that home-ownership dream balloon as it floats ever higher and higher, or jump into the safety of G-town’s own West Brunswick (near to the old Eastern Euro enclaves and its purveyors of tasty meat products) we say just one thing – The median price range for houses in Hamlyn Heights is $429k. Even at 100k more – which it may well get – this place is a standout bargain on top of being a drop-dead beauty. Go get her!