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Brothers and sisters, we call upon you to open your hearts, your eyes, your souls. Don your cassock, kaftan or Sunday best and offer it up to the church of Modernism. Well, actually, a chapel built for the fallen soldiers of WW2, the last piece in the development dream for the Vaucluse Estate, one of the oldest patches of whitefella land in this country as the spread of William Wentworth – explorer, politician and all round Renaissance first-born of the colony –  who kicked it all off in 1827. Some 140 years later architect Don Gazzard saw to this twentieth century vision; an ecclesiastical symphony of native, Sydney School interiors; timber, white painted brick, capturing the light, shadow and fresh southern breeze in dramatic clearstory windows and on the outside an imposing, southern european, pinnacle perhaps more at home on the cliffs of Basque country and than the acacia crags of Sydney Harbour. Whatever the case and wherever its new pivot into domestic, public or spiritual life takes it, this is a truly iconic and heritage protected building the likes of which we seldom get the pleasure of posting on our lil’ ol website.