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Like so many design and architecture practitioners Mid-Twentieth Century Australia, Alistair Knox was involved in the project home movement. Though well known in Melbourne for his gorgeous bushland residences, according to this excellent post from Mid-Century Domestic Architecture he actually is responsible for an entire (and hitherto unknown to us) tract of homes, a subdivision in Donvale, built in the late 50s to early 60s and totaling all up 46 glorious plan houses. See some of the the options in the post floorplan images* and indulge in a little playing ‘just-married-in-1957-Melbourne’ – which would you choose? Many of these homes still stand, in varying condition and here is one example currently on the market. We could dwell on it’s chances of survival in this developer led-market or we can decide to simply enjoy the beautifully progressive design and imagine what could be with a thoughtful head and skill hands, lets go with the latter.

*with many thanks to Steven Coverdale