Sorry guys, after yesterdays St Ives discovery we wanted to let the whole negative trip rest but this morning it came like a kick to the shins once more. A text book case of the timeless elegance of Melbourne’s most genteel suburb being ripped out and replaced by bombast and a level of unwarranted architectural hubris we actually cannot process without weeping or laughing uncontrollably. To wit  – a number of you will remember 3 Nola Court, Toorak at its gorgeous circular driveway, flagstone, mature trees and Sunset Boulevard-ish vibes. Just stunning.

Well, no more. Not renovated. Not extended. Not even demolished for a respectable replacement. Wiped in totality for the land. Like some kind of biblical force came and swallowed up the joint, leaving nothing at all.

Of course the big punchline is there are some ‘plans’ available for this site. So a question – what do you do when you are so wealthy you can drop 4 mil plus on a suburban block, but are so creatively and emotionally stunted you have no idea what to build on it? Enter architect Nicholas Day, a practitioner so ensconced in the world of lucre, south-side status and huge proportions (hhhhmmmm?) he seems to have dedicated a career into ‘designing’ the most aesthetically offensive, Nu-Maison, self-esteem compensators for only the dumbest big-money in town.

We all know label chasing, manufactured ‘exclusivity’ and the nauseating vanity of these architectural tumours championed by such parasitic courtiers, is in fact about as highbrow and exquisite as the mass produced LV handbags the clients no-doubt tote around (read: yeah, nah). It’s just an ongoing travesty that such egesta has to destroy real architecture, trees, streets and local personality to assert its existence.