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Like a finely carved, Prussian blue, gold filagreed grenade lobbed across the country, Perth reminds us once more that they are home to one of the most outlandishly exotic, Eastern Euro architects in the history of Australian Modernism, (perhaps only Holgar and Holgar in Melbourne can compare) as Iwan Iwanoff’s ‘Madaschi House’ (c.1970) is now on the market. One of a small collection of highly prized, statement residences which (rather uniquely) manages to capture the imaginations of cashed up mansion seekers, Mid-Century architecture nerds and those in between and is perhaps the reason they remain standing, well preserved and now celebrated, when so many more understated works of Australian Modernist architects (even Iwanoff himself) have found their fate at the wreckers ball. This wild ride, though palatial in its decor and spaces (sunken lounge rooms – is there really anything better?) it is far from it in layout – a mere run-of-the-mill 2-3 bed, 2 bathroom job which is nigh on perfect for today’s smaller household requirements whilst steadfastly not giving an inch in the glamour stakes. Perfect all round for those of a certain bravado, including of the Perth’s ‘arrived creative class’ as the blurb likes tell us – tee hee! Speaking of the official listing, our only gripe in this case is the janky photos – geeze guys, way to drop a sitter. This landmark deserves better.