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An at-risk bayside beauty with dedicated owners intent to handover to anyone so worthy and sadly (but typically) for Brighton, it has nil heritage protection *sigh*. Completed in 1958 by unsung architect Walter Mason, from all accounts a rather progressive Mid-Century man round the way (indeed Trinity Court is recognised historically as an estate of such housing), this modest home unsullied by time and newer-tastes retains a litany of glee provoking aspects; sunny yellow kitchen/ cobalt bathroom tiles, cream brick with crazy paving accents and stone feature chimney, floor to ceiling glazing everywhere, sunken lounge and (our personal fav) a blistering cocktail cabinet and wall joinery by cabinet maker Dario Zoureff – ooh la la! What is not to adore about this place? Calling all bayside cool kids – there really ain’t nothing finer, get on it right now lest some unholy wealth creator with a bulldozer gets there first FFS!