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Kerrimuir Street. Once a hushed secret has fast become a golden mile of Mid-Century abodes in the northern Geelong suburbs and it’s with baited breath we’ve been waiting for this house, number 4, all week (we had the inside scoop from the rightfully proud, MCM loving agent). So now presenting a crown jewel* which we have posted once before in 2012 (now lost in the ether of our archives). And with the history of this home now for all to see, what we ultimately discover is a fairytale applicable to any domestic MCM house in Australia should it ever be as fortunate; a loved but worn family home of middle age > to doleful, tired rental in 2008 > just barely gussied up for sale in 2012 > bought, remodelled and refurbished by only the most insightful, restrained and loving hand > to finally now re-enter the market in dazzling triumph! We can offer nothing but rousing huzzahs and admiration to Peter Woolard at Studio 101 for this lesson in bringing a lovely, humble MCM possibility into a brilliant future secured.
So many of you, our dear readers, contact us seeking advice on how to renovate and restore your own recent Mid-Century purchases and all we can say is – look at this, for this is indeed how it’s done.

*A Lend Lease project home ‘Pan Pacific’ design from Nino ‘Beachcomber’ Sydney, no less.