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A glorious rebirth to get the weekend pumping for you all. Though we privately prefer our nuts and berries, Alistair Knox homes to stay nutty (read: Keep that brick and that ceiling guys!) we totally understand the move to a slicker look and really with a swirling discussion right now of celebrating Modernism and promoting its allure to those uninitiated, this home may possibly do more for the MCM cause than some unintelligible and instantly filled away council paper on the subject. By employing an accomplished architect who ‘gets it’, keeping the design integrity of Knox’s original, Modernist vision with little adjustment to the main floor plan, promoting some of the gorgeous internal timber and beamed ceilings as a feature, banishing the faux-colonial kitchen and then splashing out on all the zhush (not least some spectacular landscaping) to send those with the cash into a frenzy, these owners have achieved a good balance of preservation, celebration and exultation to be admired and cited as one way to get the message out there.