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You know that bit in that movie? That not-too-distant-dystopian-adventure-drama where the band of heroes finally bush bash their way to the isolated retreat of the curmudgeon scientist who long ago turned his back on society in an act of prescient self preservation, to live quietly and work on that botanical cure which the gang have now come seeking to save the world from its own plutocrat-driven genetically modified demise? Well, here is the house. Holy moley! In the vein of some of the best off-the-grid, handmade Modern we’ve seen overseas comes a jawdropping life’s work in the hills of Adelaide. The agent claims to have never seen anything like it and we’ve got to admit, in 10 years of MA, neither have we. So for those who are pining for a hillside escape pod, their very own retro-futurist, totally Modernist, plant based compound of delight, time to crank up the fish and chip oil powered troopy, pack up the kids and furry friends and take a look.