All our listings in the wings are pipped again by this regional ripper (thanks to Alistair at Secret Design Studio for scouting it). With not a lot altered in its (we’re guessing) 40 years** (the beams have gone from black to white but that’s about it ) the sheer timelessness of design and materials is startling. And once again we question where did we all go wrong? With such an ingeniously simple layout including that cool as bar alcove, flooded with light and incorporating all the mod-cons people are taught to demand these days: al fresco (and yes, we hate the term), master with ensuite, 4 bedrooms, open and generous kitchen/entertaining area- we want to know why isn’t this the norm for Malishev, Metricon, Burbank Why are we stuck with the current forms of housing metastasizing across our greenfield estates which are basically anti-designed when compared to this beauty? But we digress, we wanna be positive this week and this home makes us very happy. So a big yay for Yea. A big yay for design which stands the test of time. Long may it survive, thrive and make a stunning comeback.

**Update** Our feelings about filling our estates with homes like this has been validated by the word up from Steven Coverdale – project home brain bank – who states this is indeed is a version of the ‘Aquarius / V444’ project home design by architect Peter Vaalburg for The Age RVIA Architects Housing Service Competition in 1969 (of course Aquarius then!). As a popular design, there were many examples built in metro Melbourne one of which the aforementioned Coverdale lives in right now and he certainly testifies to it’s supreme livability. Thanks to Steven for the historical images of the plan –  which reaffirms its enduring beauty of design after 50 years.