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When the term ‘rental’ comes up many of us refer to student day cliches – a John Birmingham-esq vision of messy shared houses and flats, with larger homes maybe spacious enough for bikes parked in the hallway yet worn down by years of tenancy and little upkeep. Outside toilets, overgrown veggie patches, the Goon of Fortune wheel as perhaps the one defining landscaping feature. We do not think glamour. We do not picture the chic party casas of movie stars in California or London, but this rental today is far more of that ilk than the former. A breathtaking, c.1956, glamour pad held tightly by the original owners until a mere 2 months ago, this is a singularly stunning MCM original complete with immaculate stonework, a enticing maze of landscaped gardens and a stream down the back.
With the knowledge that next door was bought, dozed and made into a car park not 12 months ago, we dearly hope this home is being rented only until the new owners inhabit and love this home as much as first ones did, we cannot bring ourselves to contemplate what else might be on their minds……..*

**The worse of updates** A few local MA foot soldiers claim that the sale (which we understand was a very ‘quiet’ one from the elderly, original owners) was conducted by a real estate company who not only own the suburban shopping hub next door, but last year knocked down number 10 Newark Rd (possibly a magical architect’s own MCM property) to expand their carpark. Apparently the car park is set to swallow this beauty also.  A historical and notable work of built beauty, bulldozed, just so some jerk in a suit can bolster his property portfolio and, no doubt, help pay for his revolting status castle in a neighbouring suburb.