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There are so many media outlets which focus on Mid-Century Design and appreciation with the interest thankfully growing by the hour. Over our 10 plus years we have seen and listed it all – magnificent Modernist sentinels by Boyd, Seidler or Grounds, cultural and societal change in a constructed expression such as the Torbreck Apartments or Sirius Building and the simple, beautiful indigenous Modernism of the Sydney School and project home movements. But this house pretty much encapsulates why we exist. This house of an incredible intact condition will never be on the front of an architectural magazine. It will not be lauded for its particular design value or build (though they are timeless and rock solid to this day). It may not even last the year out (if you are to glance at the bone-chilling amount its neighbours sell for). Yet this home evokes emotions to perhaps the widest range of Australians overall. This house along with its more rudimentary beach shack cousins, are the Modernism for the masses as unintentionally realised across the nation in the mid-twentieth century. With a build made up of components which were reproduced and installed endlessly across the nation – free floating, open kitchen, simple living space with huge glazing, inset bath and shower bathrooms of one hero pastel, pragmatic joinery (inbuilt cupboards oh my!) each element, room and furnishing is the catalyst for thousands, if not millions, of individual sentimental journeys. Here at MA we trundle the line between design and sentiment daily but this home like so many now gone is tremendously rich in both and we believe it is worth all the focus and delight we can heap upon it. Take yo praise little house, while we still have you in our midst.