It must be the change in seasons for once again we spy a true masterwork of Modernist Australian domesticity, which we have listed before, on the market again for only the second time in its history. We simply cannot let such immaculate pedigree, the mid-60s creation from architect Miles Jakl, pass by without featuring it again, though we shall defer to our original musings on the house itself and happily note that the present owners haven’t messed around with the original too much (though a bathroom looks to be updated). Double points for that bedroom Tretchikoff. And may we declare that while most of Canberra’s business smells like the decayed corpses of so many dead fish, its nourishing to see its strong MCM legacy and appreciation thereof expanding by the day*.

*See also the latest season of Rake – all props to the ABC locations scout – some great Mid-Century motel and public building scenes guys!