The last time we visited Geelong’s wild architecture experiment in concrete ‘Loaf Houses’ it was to showcase a little ripper down St Leonards way, today we go back to where it all began. A local landmark which caught every kids eye traversing the Newtown river heartland for decades and undergoing an inspired rebirth some years ago, this lovely little 3 bedder is up for sale. Constructed utilising a cast concrete shell* by eccentric innovator Eddie Seiffert (a man so thwarted by the local council curtailing his architectural vision, he eventually pulled up stumps for the motherland of unbridled Mid-Century fantasia; Oscar Niemyer’s Brasília.) this 1969 walk on the wild side is capturing attention like never before. Deservedly so, but more than anything else this house over the last decade is a particulalry tangible example of the turnaround in mass attitudes to Modern and experimental architecture – from a worn-out regional curio most certainly destined for the dozer > to nifty project for a dedicated early-adopter > to sought after home today, proving what we’ve been banging on about for a decade – MCM design is valuable, is cool and is right on the money.

*Fun fact – The metal cast used to make this home and perhaps others – after much local rumour of it sitting in a railway siding in North Geelong – has been uncovered! Should anyone wish to extend upon this 50 year old legacy of Mr Seiffert, there’s the nucleus just waiting for you.