Ahh Sydney so many cons – radio jocks, traffic, property prices – and yet all it has to do is flash that winning vista and all is forgiven. Suffice to say on a global comparison the position and views here are right up there. But that’s not why we’re here, any carpet bagger with millions can get a similar view in the Emerald City, what they can’t all get is a Mid-Century marvel in disguise. The photos and indeed the entire pitch for this never-before-sold, classic 60s wonderland is kinda-sorta meh and it’s taken screen shots of the video to underline the possibly wonderful Modern design. Check that skillion roofline, stone fireplace, timber lined bedrooms and winning discrete front entry leading into a cavalcade of ever more wild attributes like boulder grotto spa and peacock pegboard tiki bar to say nothing of the Fantasy Island tropical estate gardens – ooh baby. All that said, as a home it is tired. It’s had some janky additions over the years (colonial kitchen and tacked on tin awning deserving special call-outs) and it’s pleading for a little love and brilliant eye to fashion it back to the highsteppin’ residence it really is. At a lazy 4 million, we’re not holding our breath it could just as easily transformed into a baroque sideshow or snow-blind Hamptons inn but we know in it’s bones it is all Mid-Century party pad and deserves to be returned to the golden age in which it was built.