Can we confirm this is a real Beachcomber? No, not the salty-flavored, wood gathering boho Liz Taylor from The Sandpiper type, but rather the Nino Sydney house plan adored by owners and Australian Modernists alike? To our untrained eye we believe no as the floor plans have a marked difference with some living and the kitchen downstairs in this one and true Beachcombers generally are all business on the top with only laundry below. This difference however – if you count in sharing a home with a gaggle of squealing children – is rather enticing indeed as places for generational banishment do come in handy. In any event, who can go past the striking profile, patterned block terracing, the elegance of that floating staircase (even with installed chair lift- bless), that upstairs living complete with beautiful joinery and windows which go on forever? This one is an unreal under-the-radar ripper just ripe for a mini clean up and some sun- soaked zing – fire up the barbie and get those party lights up stat!