2018 is fast revealing itself to be the year of the real estate/architectural photographer with yet another listing of considered design and elegant execution being brought to the fore by some straight-up beautiful snaps.This townhouse by notable architect Michael Dysart in his progressive housing cooperative ‘Wybalena Grove’ of the mid-1970s is not only a stunningly realised residence of inspiring and unapologetic Australian expression with its Sydney School materials, landscaping and sunlight focused design, but remains a pivotal lesson to this day of what medium density living could and should be. We are now only clawing back these elemental considerations of ‘livability’ with a handful of residential projects today; an approach for long-term, higher value housing not conceived from concerns of return on investment, below code materials, jerry-rewarding build time frames and flashy marketing to cloak it all, but rather as homes of air, light, insulation, community, accessibility and the nourishment of nature. Indeed it’s rather an honor to finally post up a home from this development, as we believe it’s a higher level we all should be striving for.