All you inner north-side cool kids looking over the horizon and dreaming of the great country power move; are you sick of the traffic, lack of space and smog but can’t quite come at the usual offering of 1800s cottage or 1980s nu-estate homes located in the Goldfields of your desire? Well hold onto your turmeric lattes (and other hipster gags) because this 1963, minty condish family home on 2 acres complete with Ned Kelly sly-grog bar is the one and the only. We’re not going to carry-on too much, as the photos amply convey the goods; parquetry, fireplace, flat-roof Modernist design divinity, northern orientation, trees, birds, the whole box and bloody dice really. We’d suggest to re-evaluate your finances (it is getting up there in price after all) and sharpen those elbows as no doubt a few in the crowd are getting their communing/working-from-home ducks lined up for this bad boy as we type.