With a steady crop of lovely and affordable homes continually coming onto the South Australian market, Melbourne folk could be forgiven for packing it all in and making a run for the boarder, though before they cross over they may just wanna stop by this place. A very intriguing small parcel of acres, with a simply splendid home evoking a kind of Frank-Lloyd-Wright-in-Illinois vibe with its darkened brick and timber horizontals sitting amid towering pines and verdant lawn. Inside the story continues, though not as extravagant as the outside suggests, as a beautifully constructed and cared for home with honey cork flooring everywhere, exposed brick and some outstanding curios which let us know these owners are serious business: the knotty pine ‘gym’, red apple track lighting, the (surely Italian) space-age corner lounge suite and what seems to be perfectly preserved ceiling speakers in the living room. Just get your white Kartell and maidenhair fern collection in there and voilà! The best of all worlds.