Hold onto your jaws everyone this one has been brought to our attention** and goes straight to the top with a bullet – a breathtaking, c.1959, duel level classic by architect Harold R. McCauley. Soaring ceilings, dramatic walls of windows rising over split-level, stone featured living and dining zones sidled by a floating staircase leading up to the bedroom wing. Did we mention the northern orientation, double-door (Brady Bunch) entry, pool, studio and perhaps the greatest aspect of all: the fact that though 100% vulnerable to a ‘contemporary’ overhaul capable of erasing every stellar Mid-Century attribute, this residence instead remains very much intact and loyal to the character of the era and its place in time? Hooray!
Enough chat – we simply cannot do it justice with our piddling words. Click and weep for joy kids.

**With thanks to you, Graeme Sutherland.

**Update** For a comprehensive article about this home as first built check this wonderful article over at Secret Design Studio.And thanks to Alistair for the historical images we’ve added to our listing.