When listing next door at the start of this year we just knew (or perhaps a little birdy told us) this home would be popping up on the market soon and were already fearful of what kind of sales campaign, and hence buyers, might be in line for it. Sadly, for such a immaculate and stately expression of the 1960s suburban high-life and despite the moderate tone of the pitch, the first thing we are presented with is a land size graphic. Next, a series of poorly lit, afterthought photos which (try as they might) cannot disguise the solid craftwork and considered design of this brick beauty including its pretty gardens. We claimed in the earlier listing that this little court, in a quiet suburb is an unassuming bastion of charmingly original Mid-Century architecture and we’ll continue to champion that, even if those offloading such wonderful homes cannot (or refuse to) grasp their ever widening appeal.