It doesn’t get more Richmond than this place. A lazy waltz down to The ‘G in the heartland between Swan and Bridge and yet this ultimate city pad is so much more, thanks to that elemental design with northern-faced living all zoned to the back, sleeping down the front. The front itself giving nothing away (in traditionally aloof Modernist fashion) whilst nonetheless having room for OSP, while inside is an expansive 3 bedrooms, plus study, plus the brightest of living/dining thanks to strategically placed windows and central courtyard- just gorgeous. It’s a little shame the Besser block and timber windows have been painted over but overall it’s still hanging in there and we’ll watch with much interest what its future holds, with those Jackson Clements Burrows plans in the mix.

**Update** We’ve been contacted by Jon Clements (principal of JCB) himself to offer a little more insight into the proposed plans and highlight the owners intentions to protect this home from destruction via an update which keeps the structural integrity and intent of the original at the fore, as below. Cheers Jon – We at MA, always welcome a robust conversation and especially any input from the pros!

“The house is much loved and the owners are hoping it sells to an appreciator. The Planning Permit has been designed to minimise the chance of the house being demolished. The Planning permit unlocks more functional space on the upper levels allowing the ground floor plan to be retained and reprogrammed. The design for the upper level extension includes independent floor structure spanning across the existing roof so that the original interiors and ceiling can be retained………Here’s hoping this great little pad will be around for a lot longer.”