The Land of Iwanoff has rolled to the top of the Faraway Tree once more and when we climb up this time we find a beautiful, slightly more demure (if that can be said of Iwanoff) example of his wonderful domestic collection. Proudly flaunting that architectural heft of form with block masonry details drawn from civilizations long gone, use of beautifully grained timber, wild pendant lights, split levels and a continuous, low-slung ceiling inside ensuring this home stays cool as a Tanqueray soaked cucumber in Perth summers, this home drips with some sensuous late 70s essence (and if that office doesn’t have a pussy-bow blouse dress code, we’ll be enforcing our own). Bonus joy is to be found in the additional the seamless-yet-separate granny flat to one side making this this a very special, possibly inter-generational, architectural beach side residence.
PS – Any historical details of this one floating around peeps? Original owner? Year built? It’s all a bit of a mystery……..

**update** Many thanks to the brains trust including Steven at MCDA among others for answering the call – dates and name updated accordingly.