Daniel, Dan, Dannyboy. Look, love the ham act but we think you cut the whole saga a bit short – you missed that explosive ending where a mob of cool kids, professionals, families and learned locals come marching around the corner with pitchforks and flaming torches ready to string you up for crimes against neighbourhood character and architecture. Loosing lollies over mere land when you can’t even acknowledge the beauty in front of you? Urgh. Although we do get it – where you’re from it’s in the DNA to flog off your longstanding assets for short term gains (Adani, The Reef etc etc) but if that’s the sole aim you’re doing that wrong too –  who knocks down a sensational family residence of true built craftsmanship in order to throw up some gawdawful townhouses, but then sends their kids to the fancy school down the road? This is suburbia, not Paddington or Fitzroy. And that north thing? Misplaced enthusiasm. North facing backyards are generally the preferred solar passive option, as most people prefer their living zones a little more private than direct street facing. Though. as you have demonstrated so well, some people do love to bounce around in public for all to see no matter how shameless it seems.