One for the purists, once again by the bay and mystery of provenance to boot. This sensational, (clearly higher strata*) architect designed family home in all original condition is a splendid example of later era Modernist domesticity. Those who have not set foot in a build of this material palette before; concrete/clifton brick, muted carpet, limed timber, white Laminex and raked straw ceilings may be forgiven for assuming it to foster an austere or even cold ambience, however nothing could be further form the truth. Buildings of such design, hewn in such elements envelop the inhabitant in a cocoon of acoustic softness, thermal equilibrium and inexpressible spiritual comfort of natural light and darkness. This home would, we have no doubt, induce a welcome mind/body calm upon entry and just keep on giving from there. We cross out fingers and toes that such skilled mastery of ambience via considered design can run the valley of those wolves with dollar signs in their eyes, ego in their hearts and white paint brushes in their hands and come out intact on the other side to continue on the 40 plus years of living tranquility for a new set of owners.

*Any thoughts on the who may be responsible for this one people?