Our throats constrict from a wave of nostalgia which, at every click of this listing, pounds and tumbles us through memories of places, weather and moments now gone. This little holiday home in a small coastal town is the unrivalled epitome of pure Australian downtime. Though stunningly spartan it holds the essentials for play, relaxation, gatherings and contemplative stillness with the scent of sea, wind and sunlight a major player. All set to go with a solid table for long dinners and afternoons of Uno battles between cousins, a long living room with vast picture windows leading out to lawn with chairs acting as sentinel posts for all-day conversations whilst observing the endless comings and goings. The sleeping and utility rooms are meditatively bare though the entirety is augmented with heart pinging, evocative detail; silver saucer cupboard pulls, gorgeous track shelving unit and a wonderful bathroom, so pedestrian in its time which would now cost a fortune to replicate today. All in all this is pure Australian beach shack perfection and if the systems of the universe were to program our eternal home in The Good Place, we suspect it’s resemblance to this little seaside building would be uncanny.

*With thanks to thelocalmodernist for spotting this one.