Staying regional and with a warm welcome to the first time listed, rural centre of Armidale. This lovely, modest home has been lovingly looked after and repaired by the present owners. Built in 1969 it stands the test of time and though the original flat roof copped a hailstorm in the 1990s and was replaced by previous owners with a gabled version, it remains a testament to those considered and skilled people who contributed to its design and construction, as owners Lyn and Erik attest:

“…..the house was built…. by Annette and Ray Chappell as owner/designer/builders using books of architects plans available at the time and contracting out the work, Ray doing some labouring. I think they had an accomplished draftsman because the proportions of the house are lovely to experience and are often commented on. Klaus Lenfer, a German immigrant did the unusual windows with airvents and fixed glass, which are safely able to keep the house cool in summer using cooled thermal mass of double concrete block walls. Barry Makepeace, an ex-Chiswell designer, designed and built the lovely kitchen. Considerable changes were made in 1972, including the parquetry flooring, the garage conversion with rose gum lining and the glassed entry etc…….We also had bespoke double glazed window sections made for the bathroom and laundry to replace windows designed permanently open, chilly at -10C in winter.”