We’ve gotta give kudos where its due and that’s to Queensland – their MA game over the last few months has been strong. And for all the snazzy, Palm Springs do-ups and pedigree pads we’ve listed of late in the northern state, we’ve gotta admit this might be our favourite. A super modest, two bedroom home in regional QLD which gives itself over to its creators progressive intentions and sophisticated simplicity with a bit of era-specific zing that is just killing us (in a good way). We simply cannot get enough of that Japanese tree relief, timber and breeze brick frontage and even the bathroom and kitchen though, again, modest hold a particular flair uncommon to type. All in very nice condition, throw in that sub-300k price tag and we have a MCM Australian home ready for anyone.**

**We’d implore anyone keen out there to stay true to this individual vision and forchissake don’t smother it in white, grey, Bunnings kitchen and hyper polished floorboards in some cheap notion to flip. C’mon Australia, we’re better than that.