Blow us down with yet another surprise listing kids. A pedigree home from a pedigree berg treated with a respectful (if rather flamboyant) hand that we could only wish for some other residences we have listed in the vicinity. An exceptional work by Anatol Kagan starting at the very front; a concave rotund, almost Groundsian, first level of rhythmic segmented fenestration (yep, we can talk fancy when we choose) sitting astride a swingin’ batcave carport leading into three levels of sleeping, dining, working and pianoing with a mix of pure 1950s, bespoke elegance and some extra-extra additions like a hydronic heating, rooftop terrace and that kitchen appliance list (hew boy!). Though remodelled in parts it remains as solid and true as we could hope for in these precarious times for even our most valuable MCM homes and on that note we’re still not sure of its history nor heritage status (other than it’s build date of 1959) though we’d assume it is earmarked in at least one or two council evaluations (paging Simon Reeves!). That said and formalities aside, there is no doubt this is a bona fide landmark within Toorak’s strong Modernist built legacy and we wish only the best for the present owners and custodians-to-be.