For those who know what they’re looking at it’s never difficult to spot beautiful MCM homes wherever they pop up. Take this classic residence in WA, in a suburb known for its Mid-Century offerings and from the get go we can tell it’s something a little special – that flat roof, carport, breeze block and massive windows forming its low-slung countenance instantly suggesting an architect’s hand (any thoughts of who it’s could be peeps? Perhaps a project design?) The interiors, though fancifully decked in chandeliers, high-gloss flooring, blanca schema and 80s bathrooms, cannot totally conceal the original flat beamed ceilings, brickwork and pragmatically modern spaces. Similarly the backyard which although accessorised in drab and dreck still screams bossa-nova, mid-60s glamour not least that the entire wall of windows looking onto the patio and poolside. Once again this is a ripper MCM project only needing the most superficial (and thus fun!) of refurbs and landscaping to bring it back to its rightful realm of swingin’ party pad. We can see the blow up swan in that pool already.