Hairdresser to the stars. It’s the type of owner one suspects would have always employed a fashionably progressive architect to build a swingin’ 60s pad as indeed Mr. Theo Raymond did, commissioning Donald Spencer to conjure this sensation in1962 which he subsequently resided in – past the breeze block, behind that beaten copper door and surrounded by terrazzo – until the age 99. Up for sale a couple of years back with all hopes for a handover to a suitably appreciative owner, Raymond’s residence luckily fell into excellent hands and has since undergone a precious renewal keeping most and celebrating all which makes this such a wonderful, now historic, local residence. As the owner states:

“The heart and soul of the house was and always will be Theo’s but I have been fortunate enough to be the custodian of it and tried my best to renovate it in a mindful way that captures him and the house itself.”

To our mind this thoughtful custodianship has born new fruit of the most flavoursome MCM kind and is ready for a new set of owners to pick it, enjoy this original vision, sparkling snazz and contemporary update without any more ado.