Woah, woah WOAH kids – the year is ending and the market is going hog-wild so naturally up pops another absolute killer. An already quintessential c.1962 home by Melbourne Mid-Century architect-about-town (and of European émigré stock) Harry Ernest, which has been lovingly lived in and renovated with aplomb by designer owner Roger Ward for the last 16 years. The end result being a revision splendid of new with utmost adoration for old that will rightfully send us all into cascades of oohs, ahhhs, rude words and quickpick purchases. Now having seen a couple of other magnificent (and high-end) do-ups in the area we must declare that homes in this Migrant Melbourne Modern belt possess the attributes of preserved and exceptional luxe, bespoke flair and venerable European edge which lend themselves perfectly to dedicated, daring and damn fun updates such as we see here. It’s all shag rugs, poolside cocktails and swingin’ times from here on out!**

With offer thanks and credit to  MCDA (join up today gang) and its knowledgeable brains trust for some important details pertaining to the age of this home, the richness of the entire street (Holgar & Holgar being updated up the road too yay!) and the photos of the build from the owner (don’t tell Worksafe!). Check its very own Intsa page for more images and bravo to the owner and the agents for such a joyful celebration of Modernist Australia habitationi at it best!

**1970s copper fireplace outside? A masterstroke. Get ready to see that everywhere gang.