Time to revisit a familiar residential profile. A shape we’ve spotted and listed in every berg, coast to coast from Goonellabah to Marino to Wye River and beyond. Answerable to a particularly beachy (and Beachcomber) calling, but also appearing far from any shoreline, this simple positioning of a single rectangular form for primary living mounted on a plinth of secondary useable space – perhaps carport or a laundry, ping pong or workroom – is an eternal expression of Mid-Century Australian residential design. Indeed it is rather glee-inducing to recognise such lofty, formal and even austere design beginnings in 1930s Bauhaus Europe, finding their way over here in an incalculable multitude of guises underpinned by the original yet ultimately evolving like a large, eccentric family tree by aspirations of a casual and unbuttoned antipodean lifestyle. And here we present today’s version. Though simple and appreciative of a sympathetic dalliance inside, the striking visual of the outside, not forgetting the lush gardens and rolling vistas, is promise enough. In short, this house is super cool and doesn’t even know it. Yet.