Hello! And what a glorious potential arises before our very eyes this evening with a decommissioned house of worship. That said, the worship ain’t stopping anytime soon as the awesome, unmistakable lines of 1964 architect MCM design has us alternatively speaking in tongues and in bowed genuflection with every click. Unlike many out there, the idea of taking an old church building and converting it to a home has never appealed, but that’s generally due to such buildings in question presenting in the 19th century, neo-gothic tradition; one central nave, soaring gabled roof, walls constructed of either paper thin timber and/or bluestone iceboxes, in short an acoustic and heating nightmare. This design is, on the other hand, the perfect proposition of several medium spaces, sun-lit entry, incredible butterfly roofline and banks of windows just ripe to drill down and work it into a casa of pure Modernist joy. Throw in a sizable chunk of land with a natural courtyard within the L-shaped construction (just ripe for a pool we say) and you’ll be nothing but a ball of Baptist brand, foot-stomping hallelujahs in no time.

*With thanks to Secret Design Studio for unearthing this one.