As 2018 draws to a close, labouring minds and bodies begin to feel the shackles of routine slip towards more mild, unstructured days (perhaps with the bonus of dedicated digital deferral) and eyes start to wander locales in which to fully enjoy the breeze and sunlight. This stunning residence in a far away Gippsland village is such a place. With the scene set in ti-tree tunnels and bucolic vistas, this 1969 work of lesser known architect Joe Palliser has an gorgeous and evocative air. Modern design and simple aesthetics dovetail to create a sophisticated home with a euro-rural flavour, the kind of residence ripe to host some French drama, with Charlotte Rampling sulkily sipping wine in the kitchen over her haul of carrots from the patch outside. But we digress. Whatever takes your fancy; a weekender, a tree-change, a holiday home, a nice dream, this lovely listing will most certainly ignite the senses and recalibrate those not yet in holiday mode, dialling it all down towards a more reflective state.