Let’s stay outta town with this regional Queensland surprise package. Frankly speaking regional Qld is most often the haunt of more down-at heel, dishevelled or eccentric Mid-Century offerings however this sensational spread a stones throw from Tomato Island (we had to get that in somehow) is a bona fide pedigree. In almost unreal condition for its age and boastful of its 1966 architectural roots (though not sure of the creative hand behind it) this family home of simple but superb design has a proud and beautifully kept legacy. This is most clearly seen in those intelligent interiors, gorgeous bespoke joinery, clean light fittings, accomplished build and the fact that (like the best of MCM) it responds to the needs of contemporary living immediately with only very minor, superficial changes in order, if at all. And like its regional brethren you get all this joy, history and spacious living for a mere $330k – dark rum cocktails all round!