Our big takeaway from 2018? That although the earlier incarnations of Mid-Century domesticity will always have their fierce admirers – a 1950s Boyd cottage here, an early 60s apartment complex there –  there is currently a massive wave of love crashing over the terracotta tile, exposed brick and timber bathrooms of the most purely Australian, later Modern homes. We knew the socials would (and always did) fire up the most for beautiful expressions in these generally hefty listings of an unabashed earthy and indigenous aesthetic. The Sibbels, KnoxesMerchant Builders and Sydney Schoolers all having a moment and fanning out in desire far beyond the usual roll call of architectural and design nerds. Maybe it’s the the last babies of the 70s retreating into their first home memories; the softness of sound absorbing carpet, living spaces of both light and shade and the economic stillness of natural climate regulation. Who knows? However, our gut points to it being just the start and that we’ll see it build even more this year – in decor, design and appreciation all round, and if that means an end to mindless render, white-outs and down lights then let’s celebrate and set the first drop with this absolute stunner from the acres of outer Perth.