Our first freaky Friday for 2019 which is not so much freaky but rather insanely freakin’ sublime. Unearthered by Modernist Australian Nicholas (on a recent summer stroll) it’s not even for sale (2015 it was, 2 years too late we are) but in the case of such a heart palpitating residence we’ll break our usual conventions and list it up for adoration and collective analysis on who exactly could be behind this, because we know it must be someone notable. Bearing some McGlashan Everist hallmarks not least in those clifton grey bricks, raw timber, cork and courtyard configuration, though it may as easily be from a Canberra based heavy hitter such as Theo Bishoff – who is to say? Dear experts out there we solemnly put the provenance question to you. In the meantime we’ll simply click and sigh deeply at the stunningly pared back, pristine yet unconventional spaces (and that to-die-for floating staircase) and hope with all our hearts its lucky owners know what they have on their hands.