Though not in the same architectural league as say, some 1930s Miesian-reduced residence of walls and glass, you cannot underestimate the innovation and newness this home in 1950s Tasmania, a small island who in the proceeding 150 years of white expansion had only known slab bark huts, sandstone manors and modest 2-bedroom cottages of a repeating Victorian floor plan with the ubiquitous tacked on kitchens and bathrooms down back. No, this expansive home of large glazing, central (and relatively open) kitchen and intuitive movement from one space to another would have rocked as an ultra contemporary, Post-War home and bringing with it some heavy Kennedy-Camelot joie de vivre. A plausible, nay perfect, backdrop for drinks on the lawn, boating excursions and long summer cricket matches, the echoes of which filter through this essentially untouched home, to this very day.