Maybe the market is cooling or perhaps this is a locally perceived no-go zone (friends, it’s Croydon, let us not split undue hairs here)? In any case this striking Mid-Century ripper with bedrooms and yard to spare seems like a bit of a bargain. We’ve left out the kitchen pic (an 80s foray – easily corrected) and the concrete block needs the spam pink blasted off, but otherwise it’s lookin’ pretty fine. Acres of glazing, freestanding brick fireplace with feature copper flue, beams, bulkhead bathroom lighting, low-slung carport entry…it’s all too good and primed to get even better – in the right hands.

*Update* Wonderful architectural historian Simon Reeves has given us the lowdown on this one – marvellous migrant modern Melbourne strikes once more!
“This house was designed by unsung Dutch emigre Gerrit Hartland…… At the time, Hartland was employed in Gregory Simpson’s office, and he designed this house for the boss’s unmarried sister, Miss Kathleen Simpson. Circa 1965.”