Brisvegans get ready to rumble, we’ve got the scoop on this unqualified killer never before seen on the market – Yowzer! A 1955 residence by architect Graham Peterson of firm Briggs, Peterson and Burnett. All kudos and high-fives go to the original owners (inheritors?) for taking to task what Googlymaps suggests was a tired (though thoroughly incredible) home and polishing it up to dreamboat status (gangplank entry included!) without going overboard. No total white out, no extraneous extensions, no milk-date trendiness or misplaced intentions – just the stunning purity of the original design, the materials and environment shining though every inch. We’d be hard pressed to find any recent residence in Queensland of such wonderful architecture coupled with presentation itself a lesson in balancing skillful restraint and glorious celebration. Bravo to all, we predict a bun-fight for the rights as next owner (kicking off right now!) shall be a handsome reward.